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We live in a “you got a pain, I got a pill” society and it lures many people into taking prescription medication without ever knowing the consequence of long-term use. Many doctors prescribe arthritis pain relievers without ever telling their patients that these medications will further deteriorate those aching joints. Many doctors prescribe statin drugs, like Lipitor or Crestor, and never alert their patients to the well-documented fact that statin drugs block the body’s ability to make CoEnzyme Q10. This is a highly important natural substance that your muscles need to produce energy. Why are patients not informed of this? Are doctors unaware of the statin/Co Q10 connection; long-term statin use starves the cardiac muscle. Doctors are quite intelligent, so for most doctors, this is not the case. We could consider this issue forever, but for whatever reason, patients are not receiving this valuable information from their doctors.

I believe that America is over-medicated; most patients automatically take prescribed medications for years. Many prescriptions written for common health problems can be effectively replaced by natural therapies. Let me go one step further. The long-term use of the vast majority of medication prescribed in this country is detrimental to the health of the people taking them. Notice I said, a vast majority; Yes I accept the fact that in some cases pharmaceutical drugs save live, but that is a mere fraction of the drugs prescribed. My concern is with the medications prescribed for common health concerns like arthritis, prostate health, or bone health. These three common health concerns accounts for more than 75% of visits to the doctor in the United States.

In the “you got a pain I got a pill”, paradigm, if you have arthritis you can get instant relief with one of the COX enzyme inhibitors like Celebrex or Vioxx. People have such a short memory. Several years ago, the FDA dealt the pharmaceutical industry a massive upset when the FDA ordered Vioxx pulled from the shelves after a recent study showed that people using Vioxx had a 200% increased risk of heart attacks and a similarly dramatic increase in the risk of colon cancer. However, in true FDA form, they reversed their decision and allowed the drugs back on the market with a “Black Box Warning”. The FDA issues a Black Box Warning, the strongest warning, only after research has demonstrated that the drugs will significantly increase the risk of severe disease.

So for a while, people who used COX enzyme inhibitors had to resort to over-the-counter pain relief like the popular Tylenol. I do not want to single-out Tylenol. The main ingredient in Tylenol is acetaminophen, which be found in literally hundred of over ““the-counter medication. Most people believe that because these pain relievers are available over-the-counter they pose little threat to your health. However, the truth may surprise you. Statistic show, from 1990 to 1998 acetaminophen poisoning accounted for more than 300,000 emergency room visits. In that same period 5,000 deaths were attributed to acetaminophen poisoning. There is a better way to deal with the pain of arthritic joints.

There is always some new pain reliever emerging for arthritis treatment; especially some expensive pharmaceutical drug with potentially dangerous side effects. So when an inexpensive, safe, natural remedy like Myristin becomes available, with reported results of pain relief within 30 days, it is worth a closer look.

Myristin, cetyl myristoleate pronounced SEE-till mir-is-TOL-e-ate) (CM), was first discovered by Harry Diehl while looking for an analgesic that would help relieve the pain of arthritis for an acquaintance of his. Diehl performed this research on his own time in a crude laboratory that he built in his garage. Diehl started his research with laboratory mice, but he soon discovered that it was impossible to induce arthritis in mice. Diehl tried every way he knew to give those mice arthritis, but nothing worked. Diehl’s research instincts told him that something within mice protected them from arthritis, and it took years of tedious research before he finally found that factor. Diehl had discovered that the cetyl myristoleate in mice protected them from arthritis. Unfortunately, there are few natural sources of CM. Initially Diehl extracted CM from mice; however, Diehl quickly developed a method for synthesizing CM from the myristoleic acid found in bovine products. Diehl published the results of his discovery in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences in March 1994.

In the relatively short time since its discovery, cetyl myristoleate (CM) has shown significant promise in the fight against degenerative joint disease because it helps the body heal damaged joints while relieving pain. CM seems to function in several distinctly different capacities, but primarily as a surfactant, or lubricant. Just like a rusty door hinge will move freely after lubrication, CM lubricates the joint for increased mobility. Your joints are similar to a hinges; joints, like the elbow or the knee, allow two bones to be joined together to work together. Cartilage covers the two bones at the joint and serves as a cushion. Cartilage provides a low-friction surface for the joint to glide. When the joint is in motion, less friction for the joint means less pain and less wear and tear on cartilage. As osteoarthritis progresses and the bone surfaces become less well protected by cartilage, joint pain gradually increases. However, just as a rusty door hinge will eventually work after a little WD-40 creates a low-friction surface, joint mobility increases and pain decreases with the joint lubricating effect of CM. Using CM will increase flexibility of the joint and create the perfect environment to regenerate cartilage.

Using a holistic approach to most common health concerns just makes so much sense. Your body constantly attempts to remain in a state of balance. We refer to this as homeostasis. When the body moves from this balance point it will immediately begin to try to resolve the situation and return to homeostasis. When you use natural therapies like Myristin, you are helping the body perform the necessary changes to go back to homeostasis. This strategy of helping the body help itself will put you on the road to health instead of a pharmaceutical merry-go-round.

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