Prevent periodontal infection ““ Oral bacteria fast tracks to your bloodstream causing multiple diseases.

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Most of you are familiar with the term periodontal disease, but researchers now understand that this is a misnomer. It should be called periodontal infection. Yes, it’s an infection that causes gums to bleed and become inflamed, which ultimately results in tooth loss.

To make matters worse, scientists are now finding a strong link between the health of your mouth and heart disease, respiratory problems, premature births and a host of other disease states. Quite simply, the bacteria in your mouth have a fast lane shortcut to your bloodstream, where they are free to roam and infect other organs and tissue.

There is increasing evidence that addresses the importance of oral health to our overall health. This same science is revealing natural products, which when combined with improved home care, can increase your chances of having healthy gums naturally and improve your overall health.

Oral Health Can Effect Overall Health

A “healthy smile” means a lot more today than simply having white, straight teeth. Oral health is strongly linked to diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and chronic systemic inflammation.

The prestigious journal, “Circulation”, reported “The presence of bacteria that cause periodontal disease is associated with increased carotid artery thickness, suggesting a direct relationship between periodontal microbiology and atherosclerosis.

The carotid artery thickness is associated with increases in blood pressure, which additionally increases the risk of heart disease.” Scientists know that bacteria in our mouth can be absorbed into the bloodstream very quickly. Research done at SUNY, Buffalo department of oral biology, confirmed that the fatty deposit which builds in arteries (plaque) contains DNA remnants from a variety of periodontal bacteria.

Numerous studies have found that poorly controlled type 2 diabetic patients are more likely to develop periodontal disease than are well-controlled diabetics. Severe periodontal disease can increase blood sugar levels, adding a whole new dimension to treating the diabetic patient. Current research has emerged suggesting that the relationship between periodontal disease and diabetes goes both ways. Researchers now believe that periodontal disease can accelerate the progression to full-blown diabetes.

Periodontal Disease ““ A Silent Epidemic

A report by the Surgeon General states that 75% of people over the age of 40 and 90% over the age of 55 have periodontal infection. So if your dentist says that you have no periodontal problems, your dentist probably isn’t looking hard enough. A recent poll of 1,000 people, over 35, found that 60 percent of adults surveyed knew little, if anything, about periodontal disease, the symptoms, available treatments, and most importantly, the consequences. Gum disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss. Moreover, the Surgeon General’s report categorized Americans’ bad oral health a “silent epidemic” and called for increased education and a greater awareness of the effects of periodontal disease on your overall health.

The Periodontal Solution ““ Healthy Gums Naturally

So what can you do to prevent or reverse periodontal infection? First and foremost, you much educate yourself about periodontal disease.   You should know the signs and symptoms of periodontal disease and what you should be doing before you see “a little pink in the sink”.

You should know the treatment options for all stages of periodontal disease and what traditional therapies should be avoided. You should be aware of the best home care hygienic techniques. For answers to all your questions about periodontal disease, I recommend reading “The Periodontal Solution: Healthy Gums Naturally,”   authored by researcher and integrative dentist. Dr. James Harrison. This book, available at will give you a clear understanding of periodontal infection, how to recognize the signs and practical steps to take to improve your oral and overall health.

There is no silver bullet to cure periodontal infection, but one thing is certain. The more aggressive you are with your home oral hygiene, the less aggressive your dental professional’s treatments will be. As Dr. Harrison explains, the progression of periodontal infection begins with plaque, a gummy colorless coating that forms on your teeth.

If allowed to remain on teeth, the plaque will harden into a rough, porous deposit called calculus or tartar. Tartar is similar in structure to a miniature coral reef and makes a well-protected shelter for many pathogens. It’s these pathogens and their toxic by-products that irritate the gums and makes them red, tender, swollen and likely to bleed. As the buildup of plaque continues, it can destroy supporting gum tissue around the teeth, which ultimately results in the loss of one or more teeth in the affected area.

As a true pioneer in the field of integrative dentistry, Dr. Harrison believes that periodontal infection should be attacked right at the source. According to Dr. Harrison, a structured program of home oral hygiene, along with the right oral products, will keep your mouth healthy and discourage the growth of bacteria. He strongly believes that the main objective is to discourage the growth of harmful bacteria without using harsh rinses that can damage gum tissue. Dr. Harrison compares this to getting rid of unwanted houseguests by simply turning off the lights.

Bio-Pro Oral Health Care Program

So what are the right products to use? Dr. Harrison became increasingly disturbed by the lack of effective periodontal products in the marketplace, even after major universities uncovered the “body mouth connection”, the link between poor oral health and poor overall health.

So in the true pioneer spirit, he developed the Bio-Pro® Oral Health Care Program, which is a comprehensive program of professional-strength home oral health care products. Dr. Harrison’s products include fluoride-free toothpaste, and alcohol-free mouthwash for touchups between brushing. If you use an oral irrigator, Dr. Harrison developed an anti-microbial solution for use in your irrigator. Dr. Harrison believes that irrigating is the #1 weapon against periodontal disease.

The primary ingredient in all Bio-Pro® products is Phytoplenolin, a holistically balanced extract of the plant, centipeda cunninghami. This exclusive ingredient is both patented and proven, in independent tests, to be anti-inflammatory and a powerful tissue renewal agent. Furthermore, the literature attributes antimicrobial properties to this botanical.

All of the products in the Bio-Pro® Oral Health Care Program contain CoQ10. For more than two decades research has shown, that Co Q 10 sustains the energy needed for the gum tissue to regenerate. In his book, Dr. Harrison explains that for cases of advanced periodontal infection, he recommends the patient open a Co Q 10 capsule and apply it directly to the affected gums.

Other key ingredients found in the Bio-Pro® Oral Health Program are folic acid, aloe vera, essential oils, plant saponins, and organic wild crafted herbs.   The Bio-Pro® products are free of alcohol, solvents, color and sodium-lauryl-sulfate. All products are vegetarian and kosher.

The good news for most people is that gum disease is preventable. Attention to everyday oral hygiene, the professional strength Bio-Pro® oral health care products and professional cleanings twice a year could be all that’s needed to prevent or reverse the early stages of gum disease. This will help you keep your teeth for a lifetime.

Dr. Harrison’s book “The Periodontal Solution: Healthy Gums Naturally”, will give you the expert advice you need to custom tailor your oral health care program. According to Dr. Harrison, “No two patients are alike. This book will help the reader recognize the signs and progression of periodontal disease and that will dictate how aggressive your home oral health care program should be”.

Click here for the Bio-Pro Oral Health Care program. Dr. Harrison has been a guest on my radio show and has discussed his oral health care program in depth.

Click here to listen to “Maintaining Oral Health: The Bio-Pro Oral Health Program“. Dr. Harrison and I discuss his recommendations for home oral health care. This is a show you won’t want to miss. Tune in or listen on the website.

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