Make way for a healthy smile with Periopaste toothpaste

A lot of us are unaware of the term periodontal disease. As per the researchers, the term is more aptly used for periodontal infection. It is an infection that leads to bleeding gums, welcoming inflammation, hence resulting in tooth loss. The bacteria in the mouth have a quick short road to the bloodstream to freely roam and infect various other tissues and organs, affecting the overall health. The same science is now revealing some natural products raising the chances of healthy gums and improvement of overall health.

PerioClear mouthwash is a powerful antioxidant, free from alcohol oral rinse mouthwash. It helps keep the breath fresh and active for hours. The advanced mouthwash is home to organic made herbs such as green tea, olive leaf, and echinacea which are best for the promotion of healthy gums. According to a lot of studies, uncontrolled type 2 diabetics are more prone to the development of periodontal disease in comparison to controlled diabetes. Severe periodontal disease can raise blood sugar levels by the addition of an entirely new dimension to treat diabetes patients. As per recent research, the relationship between periodontal and diabetes is a two-way thing.

The periodontal infection starts with plaque, a gummy colorless coating that builds upon the teeth. If it is kept on the teeth, the plaque hardens in a rough porous deposit called tartar. Tartar is the same structure as a miniature coral reef. It makes a well-protected shelter for various pathogens. These pathogens and their toxic products irritate the gums by making them red, swollen, tender, and less likely to bleed. The buildup of plaque damages the supporting gum tissues around the teeth, hence resulting in the loss of one or more teeth in the affected areas.

Periodontal is more like a silent epidemic that more than 90 percent of people aged more than 55 years. Majorly, gum disease is the leading reason for adult tooth loss. Most of us need to be aware of the bad oral health as a “silent epidemic” and higher education plus awareness for periodontal disease is the need of the hour.

Healthy gums naturally are the best periodontal solution. Well, it can be simply attained by the Perioclear mouthwash which does wonders for your teeth, gums, and breath.

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