4 Ways To Consume Aloe Vera Juice as Supplement for Weight Loss

Aloe vera juice for hair

Aloe vera has gained popularity over the past few years due to its health benefits. Aloe vera is beneficial in losing weight due to its detoxifying properties. However, most people don’t know how to incorporate it into their diet or routine to lose weight healthily.


1. Aloe vera juice with lemon

Drink this juice, empty stomach every morning, and don’t eat anything for an hour afterward. As a detoxifier, aloe vera aids in cleansing the body of toxins. Additionally, the juice promotes healthy bowel movements by cleansing the intestines.

How to prepare the juice

Add one lemon juice to one glass of water. Next, add 3 tablespoon of aloe vera juice. Place this solution in a pan and heat it while stirring continuously (until the gel blends into the water). Stir in a tablespoon of honey and serve.


2. Aloe and ginger tea

A cup of this tea can be the perfect mid-afternoon drink. Ginger has many health benefits, including being anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, promoting healthy digestion, and preventing fluid retention. Aloe vera, when combined with these properties, helps to remove fat from the body.

How to make it

Just put one teaspoon of aloe vera juice into one tablespoon of grated ginger to make this delicious tea. Bring the mixture to a boil with a cup of water. Once the gel has been dissolved in the water, turn off the heat. Cool the mixture for ten minutes.


3. Pineapple, cucumber, and aloe juice

After you have eaten your lunch, you should consume this juice. Pineapple juice improves digestion and detoxifies the body. Cucumbers hydrate and contain fiber, which further enhances digestion.

How to make this juice

All you need to make this juice is a tablespoon of aloe vera juice, a cup of water, and half a cucumber. Then, in a blender, combine all the ingredients and blend until smooth. This smoothie would be great to have after you have eaten your lunch when you are feeling hungry.


4. Orange, strawberry, and aloe vera smoothie

Strawberries are low in calories and safe for diabetics, making them perfect for weight loss. Strawberries are also rich in fiber, making them an excellent cleanser. Combining orange, aloe vera, and strawberries makes a healthy weight-loss drink full of antioxidants.

How to make it

Squeeze some fresh orange juice to prepare this juice. Add three to four strawberry slices and a tablespoon of fresh aloe vera juice to it. Blend with a half cup of water until smooth, and you are done.

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