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Vitamin D3 & Solar Power for Optimal Health

Vitamin D3 & Solar Power for Optimal Health

Vitamin D3 & Solar Power for Optimal Health

264 Pages
Item # NS-345

Vitamin D3 & Solar Power for Optimal Health may just be the most import book of the 21st century. Nearly every frightening thing you have been told about the sun is false!  

Why a book about sunlight and vitamin D? What is in it for you, the reader? Would you like to lose weight, feel more energetic and feel less depressed? Would you like to have stronger bones and be less susceptible to breast cancers? Would you like to prevent type-1 diabetes in your children and grandchildren? Would you like to worry less about heart disease, stroke and chronic pain?  

Lack of sunlight expose is a major cause of many degenerative diseases. It is also one reason that so many people are prescribed mood-elevating drugs that may lead to violent behavior and suicide.  

Here are some reasons to read Vitamin D3 and Solar Power 

  • Sunlight and/or vitamin D aids in relieving depression, chronic pain and low-back pain.
  • Sunlight and vitamin D help control heart disease, blood pressure and multiple sclerosis and increase muscle strength.
  • Sunlight and vitamin D may put a halt to autism.
  • Vitamin D and sunlight may be the answer to preventing colds and flu.
  • Learn the surprising truth about tanning beds, sunscreens and melanoma.
  • Vitamin D is good news for the health of African Americans and other dark-skinned people. Your sunscreen may be killing you!
  • Sunlight profoundly lessens the risk of breast, prostate, colon and other major cancers.
  • Sunlight dramatically reduces the risk of osteoporosis and hip fracture.
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