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Testron SX

Testron SX

Testron SX

60 Tablets
Item # NS-023

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The Testron SX formula acts as a natural anabolic energizer that was originally developed for the drug free athletic competition. However, alternative physicians are now recommending supplementation with Testron SX for their patients well into their eighties. Like all other hormones, natural production of testosterone declines with age, and is associated with many serious age-related diseases. Clinical studies have shown that increased testosterone levels have positive effects on physical power and stamina, but also sexual function, bone strength, metabolism, and immune levels.

The earliest steroids, made from plant compounds known as diosgenins, boosted natural levels instead of adding foreign or synthetic testosterone. Testron SX is based on this principal and incorporates a multi-species complex that is enzyme activated for maximum effectiveness. Testron SX works in total harmony with the body to help supplement natural testosterone production. It helps to naturally increase libido, energy, and muscle-mass formation. It increases performance and helps to obtain optimal health by men and women. There is scientific evidence that higher levels of testosterone in men and women can reduce the risk of having coronary artery disease and thrombosis (blood clot formation).

Higher levels of testosterone naturally increase libido, energy, and muscle-mass formation. As we age, our body changes and our sex life may become less satisfying. Seemingly we may lose interest. The barrier is not just psychological. The testosterone, that once made your body virile, may be binding to globulins in your blood instead of stimulating the libido. When naturally abundant and free, testosterone can be a vital source of energy, stamina and sexual virility. When testosterone is deficient, it can cause fatigue, muscle loss, increased body fat and a decreased sexual drive.

Testron SX contains natural androgenic support, a complex of herbs that have been used traditionally to support production of testosterone and a natural self-emulsifying delivery system to insure optimal absorption. Through the use of a combination of plant derived compounds that have been scientifically demonstrated to support physiologic functions associated with testosterone, Testron SX produces verifiable results in men, women, and athletes. Testron SX bypasses the inherent limitations of using an isolated hormone, by offering a full compliment of supportive enzyme-activated herbs and orchic substance, which work synergistically to address the entire endocrine system. Although testosterone is produced by two endocrine glands, production and response to testosterone is affected by the entire endocrine system.


Suplement Facts

Serving Size: 2 caplets

Servings Per Container: 30 

Amount Per Serving




35 mg


Tribulus (Tribulus terrestis L)extract 750mg *
(aerial part)over 45% steroidal saponins    
TSX Blend 1050mg *
Sarsaparella (Smilex medica)(root)    
Proteusterone (Dioscorea Villosa)(root)    
Oatstraw (avena sativa)extract(herb)    
Muira puama (ptychopetalum olacoides)    
extract (woods and roots)    
Nettle (urtica dioica)extract (root)    
Sarsaparilla (smilex medica)extract(root)    
L-Leucine HCI 50mg *
Ginger (Zingiberis Officinale) 5mg *
Other Ingredients: Magnesium stearate, calicum carbonate, croscarmellose sodium, mcc, silica, methocell.
Directions: Take 2 caplets daily. An additional caplet may be taken 1 hour before sexual activity or exercise. Do not exceed six caplets per day.

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