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Tates Protein Shampoo

Tates Protein Shampoo

Tates Protein Shampoo

18 fl. oz - Organic
Item # NS-323

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Tates Super Protein Shampoo is a healthy shampoo and body wash, made with all natural ingredients grown in the mountains of Massachusetts, hand picked and hand blended into the purest most nourishing shampoo/body wash you can buy. Tates Super Protein Shampoo is 100% free of synthetic chemicals. It’s perfect for all hair types.

Tate’s all-natural shampoo CONTAIN NO parabens, glycols, sulfates, phosphates, artificial colors or fragrances; in fact there are absolutely no synthetic chemicals in the Tate shampoo.

What you will find in Tates Super Protein Shampoo is pure mountain spring water, hazel nuts, chamomile, coconuts, pine needles, nutmeg and a dozen other herbs and fruits. The all-natural formula helps repair damaged, dry or dull hair.

Use Tates Super Protein Shampoo as a body wash and you’ll see how this cornucopia of nature’s goodness will keep your skin young and healthy looking. You’ll fall in love with Tates Super Protein Shampoo from your very first shower.

No animal testing is used in the manufacture or development of this product.


Other Ingredients: Mountain spring water, coconut, hazel nut, pine needles, chamomile, nut meg, lemoms, thyme, passion flower, apples, cocomide dea, cinnamom, eucalyptus, seal salt, geramium, raspberries, almonds, lots of honey.
Directions: Apply a small amount to hair and massage. Rinse thoroughly.



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