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Phosphatidyl Serine

Phosphatidyl Serine

Phosphatidyl Serine

60 Softgels
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Phosphatidylserine, pronounced (FOS-fuh-tie-dul-SEHR-een), is a naturally occurring phospholipid found in our bodies, which is a vital component of cell membranes and in particular brain cell membranes. Nearly 10% of every neuronal membrane is Phosphatidyl Serine (PS). The total amount of PS in the body is about 60 grams, 30 grams of which is in the brain. For decades, scientists believed that brain cells can only be lost with age. However, recent studies have demonstrated that new brain cells are indeed being created even as we age. The old belief held that the brain inevitably shrinks and progressively atrophies as we age. Now scientists are searching for ways to help the brain regenerate and preserve its youthful powers.

The implication of this discovery is that neurons (brain cells) can at least be partly replaced points to the importance of providing the brain with the right nutrients, so that the new cells can be easily formed. Scientists now believe that with the right nutritional strategies, there is great hope for reversing brain damage and preserving good cognitive function well into old age. Since PS is a major component of brain cells, neuronal regeneration is facilitated when there is an abundance of cell membrane building blocks such as Phosphatidylserine.

Age-related cognitive decline becomes noticeable in middle age, when people typically start complaining that their memory isn't as good as it used to be. Past the age of 50 or so, mental fitness, like physical fitness, has to be consciously worked at. Best PS provides the essential brain nutrient phosphatidylserine in a matrix of other phospholipids are structural components of brain neurons than can enhance cell-to-cell communication.. More than 3000 studies have shown the ability of supplemental phosphatidylserine to support healthy cognitive function.. In clinical trials, PS has demonstrated the ability to improve memory, increase attention, increase mental acuity, relieve depression and improve mood.



Suplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Softgel

Servings Per Container:60 

Amount Per Serving



Phospholipid Complex provides:



Phosphatidylserine 100mg  
Phosphatidylcholine 10mg  
Glycolipids 45mg  
Med. Chain Triglycerides (MCT) 345mg  


Other Ingredients: Gelatin, glycerin, purified water
Contains Soy
Directions: As a dietary supplement take 1 softgel 3 times daily, or as directed by your healthcare professional.

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