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PerioClear Mouthwash

PerioClear Mouthwash

PerioClear Mouthwash

16 fl. oz.
Item # NS-249

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PerioClear is a powerful, alcohol-free oral rinse and mouthwash that keeps your breath fresh for hours. This advanced mouthwash contains organic wild crafted herbs like Echinacea, Green Tea and Olive Leaf, ingredients well known for promoting healthy gums. Essential oils such as Peppermint, Clove, Oregano and Thyme, well known for their anti-bacterial properties, promote healthy gums by keeping bacteria in check.

PerioClear also contains CoEnzyme Q10, Folic Acid and the patented herbal extract, Phytoplenolin. In independent laboratory studies, Phytoplenolin promoted cell vitality and accelerated repair and regeneration of tissue. PerioClear is an all-natural professional strength deep-cleansing mouthwash specifically developed for people with any stage of periodontal disease, or for those who want to prevent it.

PerioClear naturally flushes around teeth and hard to reach areas. Its cool mint flavor leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean for hours.

With continued use, PerioClear will help create a healthy oral environment, which will discourage the growth of bacteria that live in the pockets around the teeth, and of equal importance, supply the nutrients necessary for rebuilding healthy gum tissue.

Daily use of PerioClear will keep your breath fresher, and your smile brighter than ever before. Maintaining a healthy oral environment could save you years of embarrassment, thousands of dollars in reconstructive dental procedures and possibly even save your life. PerioClear is safe for cosmetic restorations.


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Ingredients: Phytoplenolin )Centipeda cunninghamii extract), Bio-chelated extracts: Calendula flower, chamomile flower, echinacea purpurea tops, gotu kola herb, prickly ash bark, olive leaf, grapefruit seed, black walnut green hulls, green tea leaf, goldenseal rhizome, essential oils of peppermint, oregano, rosemary, lavender, cinnomon, clove, lemom balm, eucalyptus, thyme, bio-saponin (quillaia, yucca extract, sarsparella root extract, wild yam root extract), zylitol, folic acid, aloe phytogel (aloe barbadensis), coenzyme Q10, chlorophyll.
Directions: After brushing, rinse and swish vigorously twice a day with 2 capfuls for 30-60 seconds. Can also be used as a gargle. For best results do not eat or drink for 10 minutes after rinsing. Shake well before use.
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