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Osteo-Mins AM

Osteo-Mins AM

Osteo-Mins AM

60 Capsules
Item # NS-364

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Osteo-Mins AM is a bone-building formula developed by pioneering alternative physician, Dr. Jonathan Wright. This balanced formula contains strontium, a natural mineral that safely stimulates the growth of new bone to help your body maintain strong, healthy bones. Current research shows that strontium, when added to a bone-building nutritional regime, can induce rapid bone growth.

Osteo-Mins AM is designed to be taken in conjunction with M.C.H.C. w/Vitamin K, a formula rich in calcium and supporting bone-building nutrients.

Directions: Take Osteo-Mins (2 Capsules) with breakfast. Take MCHC w/Vitamin K (2 Capsules) with Lunch and repeat with dinner.

Initial studies on strontium in and bone formation were conducted in the early 1900's. In 1910, a German researcher discovered that strontium appeared to be effective in increasing the formation of bone. A decade later, another German researcher concluded that the combination of strontium and calcium was superior to calcium alone in the formation of bone. Following these studies, there were inconsistent finding on strontium's bone-building benefits of strontium. Then in the early 1950's, a study from Cornell University confirmed that strontium and calcium stimulate bone growth more than calcium alone.

The most important study of the bone-building mineral and osteoporosis was reported from physicians at the prestigious Mayo Clinic way back in 1959. Clinic physicians reported that 22 patients with severe, painful osteoporosis were given 1700 milligrams of strontium daily. Another 10 patients were given the same amount of strontium along with estrogen and testosterone hormone therapy. Results for the groups taking hormones and strontium showed a marked improvement in symptoms for 9 out of 10 patients. The other patient in the group had moderate improvement. In the group that took only strontium, 18 of 22 patients reported marked improvement in their symptoms. The other four patients in the group experienced moderate improvement. That means that every single person experienced improvement using strontium.

Strontium appears to be gaining acceptance as thousand of patients are experiencing and reporting increased bone production and bone density. Strontium should be taken in conjunction with Calcium and supporting bone-building minerals. For fastest results, take strontium, (Osteo-Mins AM) in the morning. Take calcium and supporting bone-building minerals (MCHC w/Vitamin K) in divided doses in the afternoon and evening.


Suplement Facts

Serving Size: 2 Capsules

Servings Per Container: 30

Amount Per Serving



Zinc (as citrate) 20mg 133%
Selenium (as seleno l-methionine) 50mcg 71%
Copper (as copper gluconate) 1mg 50%
Manganese (as manganese citrate) 5mg 250%
Molybdenum (chelate) 50mcg 67%
Strontium (as strontium citrate) 500mg *
Silicon (chelate) 10mg *
Boron (as boron aspartate) 3mg *

Other Ingredients: Gelatin, vegetable magnesium stearate



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