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HydroFloss Irrigator

HydroFloss Irrigator

HydroFloss Irrigator

Hydro/Magnetic Design
Item # NS-306

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Your teeth are designed to last a lifetime. It’s gum disease that causes you to loose your teeth. Most people rely on a tooth brush and dental floss to maintain good oral health. But they only reach about 3mm, or about 1/8 inch, below the gum surface. As such, you’re not reaching all the bacteria and that can lead to periodontal disease. That’s why; leading experts recommend oral irrigation, after brushing and flossing, to flush bacteria from your mouth and prevent it from re-attaching to your teeth and gums.

By incorporating the science of magnetics with the science of hydro dynamics, the Hydro Floss actually interrupts the bond between your teeth and the bacteria. Here’s how. Inside the handle of the Hydro Floss is a carefully calibrated magnet. When water flows through this magnetic field, millions of electrons are released and act as a barrier between the positive ions of your teeth and the negative ions on the bacteria. The result is the bacteria do not stick to your teeth, and then the pulsating stream disrupts the bio-film’s protective barrier and flushes the plaque and bacteria away.

The Hydro Floss Hydro/Magnetic Oral Irrigator is the only irrigator backed by independent research. Clinical studies showed the Hydro Floss to be 65% more effective than non-magnetic irrigators. Hydro Floss employs a patented plaque and tartar fighting technology. Positive ions on your teeth create a strong bond with the negatively charged bacteria in your mouth.

Hydro Floss features a “pause flow” button on the handle, adjustable pressure control for comfort, and low-profile reservoir. Hydro Floss comes with four color-coded regular jet tips and you will receive an additional four color-coded sulcus jet tips. Dentists recommend the use of sulcus jet tips in order extend the flushing action of the Hydro Floss further below the gum line. This $ 10 value is absolutely free. Every unit is covered by a 1 year manufacturer’s guaranty.

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