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Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba

60 Veg Capsules
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Ginkgo Biloba 60 is a 50:1 standardized extract of Ginkgo Biloba leaf. Ginkgo has been shown to be nutritional support for mental alertness, enhanced vitality level, circulatory health and blood vessel health. Its high antioxidant activity is valuable for fighting age related conditions. All over the world, people have claimed Ginkgo to be beneficial in the fight against the gradual erosion of energy associated with aging.

How Does Ginkgo Biloba Work

Ginkgo Biloba extract (GBE) increases blood flow to the brain by inhibiting blood platelet aggregation and by regulating blood vessel elasticity; it has been shown to improve blood flow through both major blood vessels and capillaries. Ginkgo is also a powerful antioxidant. Ginkgo Biloba extract has two major groups of components, ginkgo flavonglycosides and terpene lactones. Its efficacy depends on their proper balance and a standardized extraction method has been developed to ensure that balance. Basically, these two constituents or groups of constituents are responsible for ginkgo biloba's two main properties: the ability to inhibit blood platelet aggregation (which allows for greater flow of blood to the brain and extremities) and its strong antioxidant properties (which exert a protective influence over the brain and CNS).

Ginkgo Biloba's Use in Alzheimer's Disease

GBE is beneficial in the early treatment of Alzheimer's disease. It has been proven effective in stopping the advancement of Alzheimer's disease, in improving the mental function of elderly people having suffered several "mini-strokes", and if the patient's dementia is caused by lack of blood flow to the brain, it can reverse the problem.


Suplement Facts

Serving Size: 1

Servings Per Container: 60

Amount Per Serving



Ginkgo Leaf 50:1



Standardized Extract 60 mg *


Other Ingredients: Ginkgo leaf extract (50:1) with 24% ginkgo flavonglycosides and 6% terpene lactones), rice flour, vegetable stearate.
Directions: One capsule twice daily, or more, as directed by your health care professional.
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