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Vitamin and Minerals

Vitamin and Minerals

Dietary Supplements, Minerals, Vitamins and Multi-Vitamins

There is continuing debate over the use of supplemental vitamins and minerals. Are they really necessary? It wasn't too long ago doctors were telling their patients they could get all the vitamins and minerals they needed right their diet. That all changed when a landmark article published in the Journal of the American Medical Association recommended that everyone take a daily multi vitamin.

That was more than a decade ago. Today the need for supplemental vitamins and minerals is even greater. Modern agricultural methods and genetically engineered food has taken its toll on the nutrient content of our food supply. The mineral content of our soil has been depleted of important trace minerals. The only minerals returned to the soil are those will accelerate the growth of the plant. If there are no trace minerals in the soil, there will be no minerals in the plants that grow there; it's the law of nature. An example is chromium, a mineral vital to regulating blood sugar levels yet practically non-existent in our food supply.

Your body depends on the Vitamin B family to produce energy and keep your mind sharp. It's common knowledge that this particular class of vitamins is highly susceptible to breakdown. The vitamin B family is a water soluble vitamin and can breakdown during shipping, storage and cooking. By the time that food gets to your plate there is significant nutrient loss.

The body needs a wide array of nutrients to function. A deficiency in any one of a number of them can have an adverse impact on your health. Leading antioxidant researchers estimate that a peach from the 1950's had twenty five times the antioxidant power than a peach grown in 2009.


Vitamins & Multi-vitamins - It is now universally accepted that taking a daily multi-vitamin formula is essential to good health. In this category you'll find both adult and children's multi-vitamin formulas and other high quality Vitamins.
Minerals are the forgotten nutrient. Without minerals, vitamins won't work. Your body needs more than calcium; your body multitude of minerals to function. It's universally accepted that the soil our food supply is grown in is depleted of minerals. Replenishing your body with minerals is an important part of staying healthy.

The use of homeopathic solutions was officially recognized under the 1938 Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, the 1965 Medicare Act, and the 1987 FDA Compliance Policy Guidelines.  Homeopathic preparations are safe,gentle but deep-acting natural medicines that are used by alternative physicians to treat persons experiencing many kinds of medical conditions.  

Botanical Extracts

Botanical tinctures are liquid extracts made from plants & herbs that you take orally (by mouth). They are sometimes extracted in alcohol, but they can also be extracted in non-alcoholic solutions. Americans use botanicals in much the same way they use prescription pharmaceuticals recommended by their physician, or over-the-counter (OTC) medicines available at the local pharmacy-to treat symptoms, prevent disease, and maintain health and wellness.

Tinctures are also easier to give to children as they have to take only small amounts. Because they are taken directly under the tongue, they enter the bloodstream much more directly than by any other means. This means that the action in the body is usually quicker. Although some herbs will have an immediate effect, such as those used to help one relax.  Others that are more nutritive and building in nature. Nutritive tinctures may take several weeks of continual use before best results are seen.

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