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Colon Health

Colon Health

Dietary Supplements, Colon Health, Colon Cleanse

Statistics confirm that more than 80% of Americans use nutritional supplements on a daily basis. Many people are effectively using natural therapies to combat or prevent disease. A perfect example is the growing popularity of heart health supplements like coenzyme Q10 and Omegas III fats from fish oil. People who suffer from arthritis are finding relief using anti-inflammatory herbs and targeted nutrients that will help with the rebuilding of damaged joints. In this category you'll also find targeted therapies for liver and urinary tract function, prostate health and mood and sleep disorders.

Colon Health is a major factor in your overall health. Many alternative physicians believe that both health and death begin in the colon. Removing accumulated toxins from your colon prevents them from being reabsorbed. A natural colon cleanses is essential to total health.


Alkalizing Greens Blend
Alkalizing Greens Blend - 210g (7.4oz.) - Item# NS-378
Helps your body achieve optimal pH Antioxidant equivalent of more than 6 servings of vegetables Probiotics and prebiotic fiber for optimaldigestive function Healthcare practitioners agree that a slightly alkaline body pH is optimal for best health. However, as Americans we tend to eat foods that promote an acidic system: sodas, coffee, tea, sugar,processed foods, etc., while we tend to avoids foods that are more alkaline such as vegetables and certain fruits.  Diet-induced metabolic acidosis (very acidic) is increasingly more common, especially in industrialized countries. One of the greatest risks of low-grade acidosis ... more details
Chiro Klenz
Chiro Klenz - 30 Tea Bags - Item# NS-091
The health and low toxicity of the intestines have a direct effect on the health of the entire physiology. Edom Laboratories has carefully selected various medicinal herbs and has created an effective cleansing tea, which by helping eliminate toxic build-up in the body will enhance the effectiveness of your chiropractic therapies. The tea is called Chiro-Klenz.  Chiro-Klenz Tea contains: Locust Plant (Cassia Agustifolia, Senna): Tones and restores the digestive system as it cleanses the colon. Malva Vericellata (High Mallow): Soothing demulcent, anti-inflammatory properties that relieve irritations and promote healing when taken internally. High Mallow is commonly used for constipation ... more details
Colozone - 100 grams - Item# NS-051
Intestines' insides can be likened to a cave with thousands of fingers (or "villi") which stick up and down like stalagmites and stalactites. These villi are intended to be able to move freely, to move the food along during digestion; but in unclean intestines, they get "pasted down" with a muck that inhibits the absorption of nutrients through the epithelial cells. To protect itself from being poisoned by undigested putrefaction, the body continuously wraps this material in mucus adding further to the buildup. The average American has 6 to 12 pounds of this material... further putrefying, breeding pathogens and ... more details
Royal Flush Bowel Stimulant
Royal Flush Bowel Stimulant - 60 Capsules - Item# NS-357
Royal Flush will keep the body's primary elimination channels open by stimulating natural movement of the large intestine (bile production and peristalsis). Royal Flush is an herbal bowel stimulant complex that will help eliminate toxins. Royal Flush helps the body eliminate toxins by promoting regularity and increasing bowel movement frequency. With continued use, Royal Flush will stimulate the large intestines for more frequent bowel movements. The more you empty your bowels, the healthier you will be. The body should eliminate at least one time for each meal eaten. The more bowel movements you have the better as long as you ... more details
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