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Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular Health

Dietary Supplements, Heart Supplements, Cardiovascular Supplements

Statistics confirm that more than 80% of Americans use nutritional supplements on a daily basis. Many people are effectively using natural therapies to combat or prevent disease. A perfect example is the growing popularity of heart health supplements like coenzyme Q10 and Omegas III fats from fish oil. People who suffer from arthritis are finding relief using anti-inflammatory herbs and targeted nutrients that will help with the rebuilding of damaged joints. In this category you'll also find targeted therapies for liver and urinary tract function, prostate health and mood and sleep disorders.

Cardiovascular Health continues to be the #1 health concern of the westernized world and understandably the most widely researched. There is overwhelming scientific evidence that nutritional supplements such as Omega III fish oils, CoEnzyme Q10, EDTA chelation will lower your risk for cardiovascular disease.


Alkalizing Greens Blend
Alkalizing Greens Blend - 210g (7.4oz.) - Item# NS-378
Helps your body achieve optimal pH Antioxidant equivalent of more than 6 servings of vegetables Probiotics and prebiotic fiber for optimaldigestive function Healthcare practitioners agree that a slightly alkaline body pH is optimal for best health. However, as Americans we tend to eat foods that promote an acidic system: sodas, coffee, tea, sugar,processed foods, etc., while we tend to avoids foods that are more alkaline such as vegetables and certain fruits.  Diet-induced metabolic acidosis (very acidic) is increasingly more common, especially in industrialized countries. One of the greatest risks of low-grade acidosis ... more details
Arjuna - 60 Capsules - Item# NS-350
The herb Arjuna has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for more than three thousand years as a natural heart tonic.  Clinical trials show that Arjuna is capable of improving endothelial function and circulation.  In Ayurvedic medicine, Arjuna is adjunctive therapy for ischemic heart disease.  Studies show patients whose angina was stable had a 50 percent reduction in angina episodes and a significant decrease in systolic blood pressure.  Arjuna can help lower Cholesterol and triglyceride levels.  Arjuna has been shown to inhibit the oxidation of LDL and accelerates the turnover of LDL-cholesterol ... more details
B 12 STRIPS - 30 STRIPS - Item# NS-414
PROMOTES ENERGY, CARDIO HEALTH AND CIRCULATION REDUCES STRESS SUBLINGUAL & BUCCAL ABSORPTION HIGHLY BIO-AVAILABLE FORM OF B12 CONVENIENT TO CARRY FRESHENS YOUR BREATH NATURALLY SWEETENED VEGETARIAN APPROVED AND GLUTEN FREE  A B12 strip supplement specifically engineered for performance that fuels your healthy lifestyle.   Vitamin B12 is important for red blood cell formation proper nervous system function and for maintaining a healthy homocysteine level. Studies have shown that high homocysteine levels are associated with Alzhiemers and Heart Disease. Vitamin B12 is vital for energy production helping you feel you best. Vitamin B12 supplements are recommended for people whom are ... more details
Better B
Better B - 90 CAPSULES - Item# NS-404
B Vitamins are essential nutrients that participate in thousands of metabolic reactions within the body. B vitamins are needed to convert dietary fuels, such as carbohydrates and fats into energy, and for the synthesis of important biochemicals such as steroid hormones and DNA. Most vitamin supplements do not provide B vitamins in their active form. Instead, they use inactive precursors the body must first activate before the vitamins can become useful, Better B™ is the nextgeneration in B vitamin supplementation; it uses advanced, activated forms of B vitamins to achieve better nutritional results.  Better B™ provides: Vitamin ... more details
BP BALANCER PLUS - 100 Tablets - Item# NS-347
Reduce High Blood Pressure Naturally Quick-acting – Safe No Side-effects Supports Circulation Improves Rest and Sleep Patterns High blood pressure can be the result of an underlying condition, such as kidney disease, hormonal dysfunction or abnormal thyroid function.  Using prescription drugs can cause hypertension.  However, the vast major of people with hypertension suffer from primary hypertension or hypertension of an unknown cause.  Lifestyle changes and natural remedies may help to control high blood pressure.  If you are overweight, losing a few pounds will help lower blood pressure.  Activity level plays an important part in maintaining ... more details
Grape Seed Extract
Grape Seed Extract - 60 Veg Capsules - Item# NS-377
There’s strong evidence that grape seed extract is beneficial for a number of cardiovascular conditions. Grape seed extract may help improve circulation, strengthen blood vessels and can moderate high cholesterol levels.  Grape seed extract also reduces swelling caused by injury and helps with eye disease related to diabetes.  Grape seed extract has been studied for use in many other conditions -- ranging from PMS to skin damage to wound healing. The focus of scientific interest in grape seed is the special antioxidants they have found.  Grape Seed Extract contains oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes (OPCs).  Scientists believe ... more details
Lipid Balance
Lipid Balance - 180 Capsules - Item# NS-341
Lipid Balance was developed by wholistic physician Mitchell Fleisher, MD to help his patients with dyslipidemia, characterized by high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides, often accompanied by elevated levels of LDL cholesterol. Lipid Balance contains Inositol Hexanicotinate (non-flush niacin), one of the mostly widely researched nutrients in cardiovascular research, along with unique ingredients that will not only help support healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels but will also prevent the oxidative damage to blood vessel and cellular inflammation, so often associated with dyslipidemia. The effect of Inositol Hexanicotinate on dyslipidemia is well-documented. This form of vitamin B3 has been shown in ... more details
NATURAL CALM - CHERRY - 16 OZ - Item# NS-416
Natural Calm is a fruity, effervescent drink that promotes healthy magnesium levels and balances calcium intake—helping you to feel less stressed and more relaxed. Magnesium and calcium are fundamental nutrients that need to be in balance with each other in order for you to fully experience good health. Their importance on a cellular level is critical. Calcium and magnesium are like opposite sides of a coin. Calcium excites nerves, while magnesium calms them down. Calcium makes muscles contract. Magnesium is necessary for muscles to relax. Calcium is needed for blood clotting, but magnesium keeps the blood flowing ... more details
Pro EPA - Omega III Fish Oil Caps
Pro EPA - Omega III Fish Oil Caps - 120 Softgel Capsules - Item# NS-233
FULL 60 DAY SUPPLY - NOW 120 CAPSULES There is overwhelming scientific evidence of the heart-protective benefits of Omega III fats from fish oil. Numerous studies have shown that the Omega III derivatives DHA and EPA in fish oil supplements lowers triglycerides, slows the buildup of plaque ("hardening of the arteries"), lowers blood pressure, as well as reduces the risk of death, heart attack, dangerous abnormal heart rhythms, and strokes in people with known heart disease. Epidemiological studies show that populations that eat fish, versus those that do not, have a reduced death rate from cardiovascular disease. Multiple human studies have ... more details
Pro Omega CRP w/Curcumin & Glutathione
Pro Omega CRP w/Curcumin & Glutathione - 90 Soft Gels - Item# NS-398
A Powerful New Solution for Systemic Cellular Stress Promotes cellular recovery by reducing oxidative stress Promotes healthy metabolic balance Supports healthy immunity Supports cardiovascular health Highly bioavailable ingredients Have you had your CRP levels tested? You should—because this simple blood testmight just save your life. C-reactive protein, or CRP, has long been used as a marker of inflammation in the body.  High CRP levels are found in practically every known inflammatory state. Even if you have no symptoms of disease, elevated CRP levels may signal an increased risk for practically all degenerative ... more details
Q-Gel Co Q10 - 100mg
Q-Gel Co Q10 - 100mg - 60 Capsules - Item# NS-320
Perfect for those who take high doses of Co Q10 daily. Many doctors now recommend up to 200mg per day of Q Gel Co Q10 to their patients with congestive heart failure, and up to 200mg per day for their patients who are on a statin drug (like Lipitor or Zocor) to lower cholesterol. Each capsule of Q-Gel Mega 100 contains 100mg of the most bioavailable Co Q10 available. CoEnzyme Q10 (Co Q10) is a naturally nutrient found in every cell in your body. The primary function of Co Q10 is the production of cellular energy. Co Q10 is ... more details
Serpina - 100 Tablets - Item# NS-015
Serpina is a traditional Ayurvedic therapy for hypertension and anxiety disorders.  Serpina has been used effectively by millions of people to reduce blood pressure and relieve anxious feelings.  The power of Serpina is derived from a standardized extract of the Ayurvedic herbs Rauwolfia serpentina.  Serpina helps to lower blood pressure by depleting tissue stores of the hormones epinephrine and norepinephrine.  These two hormones, secreted by the adrenal glands, are potent stimulator of the nervous system and have a powerful effect on blood pressure and heart rate.  By depleting tissue stores of these ... more details
TMG Complex
TMG Complex - 60 Tablets - Item# NS-174
Homocysteine is an amino acid that is found normally in the body. Recent studies suggest that high blood levels of this substance may increase a person’s chances of developing heart disease, stroke, and reduced blood flow to the hands and feet. It is believed that high levels of Homocysteine may damage the arteries, make the blood more likely to clot, and/or make blood vessels less flexible. Elevated serum Homocysteine, a newly recognized and highly significant risk factor for coronary artery and other vascular diseases has been established during the last decade. In a comparison with traditional risk ... more details
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