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Bio-Pro Oral Health Program

Bio-Pro Oral Health Program


Only a few extra minutes per day can achieve a microbe-free mouth.  Bio-Pro products have 22 active ingredients including, plant soaps, essential oils and herbs.  You don’t need alcohol, chlorhexidine gluconate, provodone iodine or antibiotics to have good oral health.  Best of all, Bio-Pro products taste great!

The following is a list of oral cleaning procedures.  The more steps you can incorporate into your routine, the cleaner your mouth will be.  Don’t believe misleading television advertisements that suggest using mouthwash alone is enough to combat periodontal infection.

Quick Start


  1. Brushing with a manual toothbrush and PerioPaste
  2. Brushing with a Electric toothbrush and PerioPaste
  3. Flossing
  4. Using a tongue scraper
  5. Irrigating with an oral irrigator and PerioScript
  6. Rinsing with PerioClear Mouthwash
  7. Applying PerioComfort topical gel as needed


Detailed Instructions

1.  Brushing with a manual toothbrush.

Using Bio Pro-PerioiPaste on your toothbrush is an excellent tool for removing food, plaque, and germs.  The toothbrush’s shortcoming is its large size, which makes it difficult to clean the spaces between and around the teeth.  For more efficient brushing, use the OraSweet Flossing Toothbrush.  Its revolutionary design will floss between teeth and at the gum line while you brush your teeth.  Research shows that most people brush for only 30-40 seconds.  This is adequate if you are following up with an electric toothbrush.  If you are not using an electric toothbrush, an effective manual cleaning requires about 4-5 minutes.

Tip:  ALWAYS use a soft toothbrush and see the book The Periodontal Solution: Healthy Gums Naturally for the correct way to brush.  Change your toothbrush every three months.

Note: Only a pea size amount of PerioPaste is required.


2.  Brushing with an electric toothbrush.

I recommend the Rotadent Electric Toothbrush which is sold exclusively by dentists.  This toothbrush is gentle on the gums and the soft rounded tip is effective in reaching areas between teeth and at the gum line.  Plus it cleans without unnecessary vibrations, which overtime may loosen dental restorations.  There are many different types of electric toothbrushes you can choose from.  When choosing an electric toothbrush be sure it has soft bristles and has a gentle mechanical action.  Which ever brand you choose, it is best used with a small amount of PerioPaste toothpaste for superior whitening and a dramatic difference in the way your mouth feels. Because PerioPaste is a low abrasive formula, it can safely be used with mechanical toothbrushes.  Most commercially available toothpastes are far to abrasive, and overtime will have a detrimental effect on tooth enamel.  Concentrate your attention at the gum line around each tooth.  With little effort, most of the sticky plaque and biofilm will be removed.  This step takes 2-3 minutes.

Note:  The Rotadent does not require the user to lean over the sink the entire time while using the brush.


3.  Flossing

You only need to floss for 45-60 seconds.  Simply slip the floss through each contact.  Pulling the floss below the surface is not recommended.

Tip:  Do not damage delicate gum tissue with overly vigorous flossing; be gentle.  Refer to The Periodontal Solution: Healthy Gums Naturally for the correct way to floss.  There are electric flossers and floss holders for those who find the procedure difficult.  If flossing isn’t possible, more regular visits to your hygienist are suggested.


4.  Tongue Scraping

The coating on the back of the tongue harbors many microbes; by scraping off the coating, the microbes’ protective shield is removed.  2-3 scrapes is enough.  Change your tongue scraper every three months to avoid bacterial transfer.

Note:  The coating at the back of the tongue is where a significant amount of bad breath originates.  Brushing the tongue only churns up and redeposits debris on the tongue.


5.  Using an Oral Irrigator With PerioScript

This is the single most important step for achieving healthy teeth and gums naturally. An oral irrigator is a miniature shower head that delivers cleansing solution below the gum-line.  Irrigating reaches into places that a brush can’t go.  At this stage of the cleaning program all of the surfaces of the teeth have been scrubbed and it’s time to rinse.  The irrigator will get at the microbes that the previous procedures have uncovered and will find the ones that are lurking in the crevices between the teeth and gums.  Only the irrigator can penetrate these hard to reach areas.  The irrigator is best used with the PerioScript, which contains Bio-Saponins, a natural plant soap and 22 other active ingredients.  PerioScript dissolves the remaining film, discourages the microbes from returning and encourages healthy gums.

Tips:  When you start using the irrigator, use 6 pumps of PerioCleanse in 10-12 oz. of warm water, if possible 2 times per day for 2-4 days.  This high concentration will insure a greater initial success.  4 pumps is the perfect amount for maintenance use.

Note:  The oral irrigator is not an oral pressure cleaner!  Start off with the unit on medium pressure.  As your tissue tone improves, you may gradually increase the pressure.  Slowly direct the flow around the teeth at the gum line.  10-12 oz of solution in the reservoir allows you to go around the mouth twice.   The procedure should take about 2 minutes.


6.  Rinsing with PerioClear Mouthwash

PerioClear Mouthwash will do wonders for your oral health program.  There is no alcohol to dehydrate delicate tissue.  The essential oils and herbs coat your entire mouth with a solution that discourages the growth of microbes and nurtures the healing process.  PerioClear is full-strength; do not dilute.  Rinse for 30-60 seconds with 1 to 3 capfuls.


7.  Appling PerioComfort Topical Gel as needed

PerioComfort Topical Gel is a rub that relieves inflamed gum tissue and provides continuous microbial protection, especially for problem areas.  In addition, PerioComfort can be used as toothpaste.  It is great for people with sensitive teeth.

Tips:  Carry PerioComfort Gel in your pocket or purse to moisten your mouth and/or as a therapeutic breath freshener for long lasting protction.

Note:  PerioComfort is so safe that it can be used to soothe the gums of a teething baby.


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